Lead Guide- Acton Academy Venice Beach

Are you convinced that the way we are educating children has to fundamentally change? Do you
have the patience needed to allow students to experience and learn from failure? Are you
prepared to inspire a generation to tackle the challenges that lie ahead?

Acton Academy blends state-of- the-art learning software, real-world projects, Socratic
discussions and a Hero’s Journey dialogue in student-driven, multi-age learning studios. Our
approach to learning does not include tests, grades, or teachers leading lectures. Our classroom
structure is unique. It ensures that the Guides create and facilitate the learning environment, but
empowers students to take ownership of their individual learning path and collective classroom

Acton Academy Venice Beach currently has Elementary (6-11), Middle School (11-14), and High
School (14-18) Programs. We are looking to hire a lead guide for our Elementary and Middle
School studios.

Position Description:

The Lead Guide will obtain a deep understanding of the Acton Academy education model and
design a program and curriculum in which children can develop the skills and self-confidence to
become independent and curious students. This person will participate in admissions, hiring,
studio design, curriculum development and delivery, and other aspects as needed.
The Lead Guide will help each student find their calling and reach their full potential by:

●  supporting individual students in setting and achieving their learning goals
●  assisting students in identifying and pursuing their passions
●  facilitating Socratic group discussions
●  evaluating and refining the existing curriculum
●  designing and experimenting with new projects, tools, and approaches
●  organizing speakers and field trips to inspire students
●  creating and maintaining a studio environment that supports and motivates
●  acting as a role model as an independent learner on a Hero’s Journey
●  documenting learning through student projects, achievements, and everyday
●  communicating actively with parents
●  guiding students through the creation of their learning portfolios


We are looking for a lead guide with a deep curiosity about life, a lifelong love of learning,
patience, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Candidates should have proven excellence in guiding
others, whether in or out of a school environment. Montessori, project-based, and/or
experimental learning experience is a plus. We seek a guide who loves to experiment, evaluate,
and improve on everything they do. Candidates should have proven excellence in written and
oral communication skills and be comfortable using and learning a variety of technology tools.
And most importantly, candidates should have a deep respect for all children.


We offer on- the job -guide training and the opportunity for tremendous growth within our

Contact Dani Foltz-Smith at dkfoltz@gmail.com or 312-498- 9872 for more information or to
submit a resume.