What grades do you offer?
We currently offer kindergarten grade through high school.

Is Acton Academy Venice Beach a Montessori School?
No, Acton Academy Venice Beach is not a Montessori school. We respect and use a number of Montessori methods, but we are not a true Montessori program. We also incorporate Socratic methods, game and project based learning, as well as the latest online learning software.

Does my child need to attend year round?
No. We offer classes for almost all of the year, but students are not in school for the month of August. As a year long learning environment, students have several week-long breaks throughout the year. Our curriculum is also designed so that families can take it on the road and travel together.

Is Acton Academy Venice Beach a religious school?
No. Acton Academy Venice Beach does not promote any specific religion.

What do you mean by a Hero’s Journey?
We believe that every person (and child) has a special calling in life. Our job is to help your child discover their most precious gifts, nurture those gifts, and find their passions. At Acton Academy Venice Beach, your child will begin their Hero’s Journey to change the world.

What is an “independent learner?”
An independent learner is someone who can think critically, research topics, ask the right questions, and solve problems. At Acton Academy Venice Beach your child will become self-directed and learn to love learning.

Will children be grouped into grades?
We believe that children learn best when grouped with other children of various ages. We group our elementary students together (grades K-5), our middle school students together (grades 6-8), and high school students together (grades 9-12).

Does Acton Academy Venice Beach serve special needs children?
Unfortunately, we are not equipped to serve children who need specialized attention because of serious learning challenges.

How much will the school grow?
We do plan to grow our school, but slowly so that we may focus on our mission, our promises and our families. Our goal is to grow to 30 children in the elementary classroom, 30 in the middle school classroom, and 30 in the high school classroom.

Are there more Acton Academies?
Yes, the original Acton Academy is located in
Austin, TX. In addition to our Venice Beach location, there are around 300 locations operating around the world.

Where is Acton Academy Venice Beach located?
We’re located at 2210 Lincoln Blvd in Venice, California.

How can I apply for Acton Academy Venice Beach?
Our four-step application process begins with a self-led virtual tour of this site and our social medias, followed by reserving a time to speak with us, then submitting an application, and conducting a few interviews.
Check out our Apply Now page for the step-by-step!


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