Catherine’s Story

We have a great kid. However, since he is a singleton, we felt we were stifling some of his opportunities to grow and flourish and develop into his own person. A teacher we knew suggested Acton Academy Venice Beach. Honestly, the shift in him has been dramatic.

He went from being an average student, uninterested in class content to a kid who developed not one but three different passions that fully express his personality. He also learned how to structure his day, his studies and his academic responsibilities in a manner I did not think possible at his age. We switched him during Elementary School and watched him take on his own learning at a level I would not anticipate before college.

More importantly, it was clear that the school saw him as an individual, pushed him to be his own best self, celebrated his wins and helped him scaffold his challenges. I cannot recommend the school highly enough. If you have an average kid you want to watch take flight, this just might be the place. If you have a brilliant kid who would benefit from working at their level, rather than grade level, this could be their home.