Week 18 Newsletter: January 29 – February 2

History Project – Powdered Wig Making

The History Project Workshop focused on the origins of the white, curly wigs worn by statesman and representatives during the mid to late 1700s—powdered wigs. Reese led the workshop and shared some insight into why the men would wear the wigs, the necessary hygiene as people wore them and how the care and upkeep of the wigs.


Improv Class was a blast! The group performed a variety of exercises with some fun results. A group of two or three kids started a scene and Russ would call new kids in as replacements or add-ins. Then the group played a game that allowed kids to start an emotion and pass it along. Each person was able to express: excitement, surprise, fear and sadness. The class finished off with a few quick rounds of musical chairs.


Chemistry covered the Periodic Table and atomic elements. The Eagles conducted experiments to watch how expansion and contraction of mass blows up a bubble and negative and positive elements attract and repel.


Rock climbing gave everyone a chance to shine! From tire and rope challenges to a fun, tow slide, the “Sender One” climbing gym will be our weekly destination for the next few weeks.



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