Week 34 Newsletter: June 12-16

The Weekly Newsletter

Week 34, June 12-16

Welcome back! We had a great week back at school, coming off of the weekend and for some of us, a very fun trip. This week was an awesome one- Virtual Reality week! I will include all the details of this project below! This was a very busy week, as the students prepped all of their work to display at the exhibition, finishing up projects, testing, plus fitting in time for core skills. Here’s a look into our week:

For our virtual reality project, the students created an experience through the eyes of an Acton eagle. The students broke up into 5 teams- filming, editing, costumes, sounds, and sets/props. Together, they brainstormed the things that make Acton unique and what it looks like from their perspectives. We then filmed a day in the life video, covering all of these experiences. We had a blast doing it and the end result was awesome! We can’t wait to finish editing it and to post it for you all to see!

The foundation students are on the very last leg of their biography quest. This week we did a workshop on peer critiques and revision. Other than that, the students wrote a lot, as they will complete their final drafts next week.

The navigators had a big week of finishing up big projects before summer hits. This included finishing up their personal finance projects and completing their display boards and polishing up and finalizing their cover letters and resumes, as well as emailing their possible future bosses they will be doing their apprenticeships with!

On Thursday we had our exhibition of learning and the annual parent vs. kid dodgeball tournament! Thank you to everyone who came and checked out all of the hard work the kids have put into these last few months! It’s sure been a lot and we love being able to celebrate their awesome accomplishments.

We ended the week with a very fun beach day. The day was filled with ocean time, relaxing, playing beach volleyball, reading, and a rather exciting debate about an article about felons being allowed to vote immediately after being released from prison.

On Saturday we had our middle school dance! These kids did such a good job at organizing it and raising the funds to make it possible. They totally deserved a night of fun and dancing, and I think it was a success 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, and happy Father’s Day!

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