Week 8 Newsletter: October 30- November 3

The Weekly Newsletter

Week 8: October 30- November 3

Welcome back! We had such a fun week: celebrating Halloween, launching passion projects, getting further into the E-ship projects, and overall having a super productive week! Here’s a look into it:

In writer’s workshop the navigator and launchpad studios reflected on their future challenges in the quest. Students will be interviewing a hero with an entrepreneurial spirit which highlights their greatest struggles, their character traits, and lessons learned. This week they were asked which they think will be the hardest for them: finding out about a difficult challenge in their hero’s life; uncovering the “back story”; or capturing how the hero became successful later in their story. The next challenge of the week was to write a rough draft email to their chosen hero asking for an interview.

The foundation and navigator transition studios did a workshop on character development! This week was extra fun as the Eagles got to explore their own favorite books to find examples of the 8 Ways to Reveal Character. We learned all about the importance of characters and how showing personality and character traits in unique ways makes writing truly rewarding. We ended the worksheet with a fun, and hilarious, game of Mad Libs.

We had a fantastic time celebrating Halloween this week! On Monday we had a Halloween chalk art drawing contest. The kids are so creative and artistic! This got us into the spirit for our Halloween party the following day. Thanks so much to all of you for making such fun and delicious snacks for us all to share at our party…it really was the icing on the (Halloween) cake. For the party we played Spooky Guess Who, Halloween Corners, had a mummy wrapping contest, guessed how many candy corns were in a jar, and played Halloween Bingo…all complete with lots of prizes (shells):)

In the Entrepreneur Quest this week the Eagles focused on one of the most important aspects of selling a product….their customers’ needs! This was largely explored by asking questions like: What is the need that my product fulfills, and how intense is it?; Are there other products that could satisfy my customer’s same needs? Is my product better, faster or cheaper than its competitors? The Eagles practiced making surveys to better create a product that would satisfy a large range of potential customers.

Meanwhile we are getting closer to the business fair and the booth applications are starting to steadily come in…it’s exciting!

Passions projects launched this week! The F/NT studios will be exploring extracurricular passions they have and incorporating them into their journeys here at Acton. Taking time to explore things you love is so important and is actually a critical part of staying curious as an Acton student. For the next few months the Eagles will create a project to later exhibit based on a special passion they possess. So far, the ideas are amazing! There are board games, stop-motion animation films, and magic shows, to name a few, in the making!

We hope you all have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday!

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