Newsletter: Feb 4-8

We welcomed our Eagles this week with a Monday morning launch, sharing highlights from the weekend and going over the schedule for the week ahead. We also joined in a Socratic discussion about Black History Month, sharing stories of the important contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout our nation’s history.

This week in history, our Navigators and Launch Padders looked at early humans in the Paleolithic period… why various tribes used different foraging techniques, why there was a decline in early humans before the Great Migration started, and what a day in the life was like for early humans. They also debated what factors could influence evolution. Our Launch Padders also got further into their book “The Beak of the Finch” as we looked deeply at how the drought in the Galapagos Archipelago affected natural selection and evolution, as well as if natural selection and evolution are completely separate or one in the same.  

Foundation took this week in Writing Workshop to really grow in our question asking skills, which is everything when it comes to online research. Eagles stepped away from their screens to join in some activities and games practicing asking questions. We played Guess Who, Wits and Wagers, and some blind block building with partners. Eagles set out to build the same structure as their partner without looking, asking only “yes” or “no” questions for directions!

Navigator and Launch Pad are almost done with their Nobel Prize acceptance speeches!  We will be moving on to the editing phase next week!

This week for Art, Foundation and Navigator continued with dramatic arts, diving deeper into the dramatic arc of a narrative. Eagles did some warm ups (try saying “a shapeless sash sags slowly” five times fast!) and talked through creating characters we can empathize with. We then began our play planning, brainstorming themes and conflicts for our story. Eagles will be voting on their favorites next week, to get started scripting our play!

Launch Pad set their schedules for the next two sessions for Art, to manage their projects and deadlines.  We saw some exciting work coming together, painting, digitally illustrating, and designing!

In Biology, Foundation learned about growth, planting their very own beans. Eagles will each be caring for their beans however they choose, and will record and compare their experiments as they grow! Speaking of growing, we are all keeping a close eye on our class caterpillars, who are getting bigger every day and will soon start spinning cocoons!  Eagles also explored the meaning of homeostasis, with a day filled with fun experiments to challenge our bodies to maintain a balanced temperature. We measured heart rates and temps in both hot and cold environments. We ran in the sun and dunk heads in an ice bucket, recording our data to share!

PE was exciting this week, as we got our first pitch, from Alex and Leticia. Eagles voted, the pitch was approved, and Quidditch it is! Thursday was our first official practice, learning everything from the unique rules of the game, to the obscure names for different player positions. Eagles coached us through some partner passing drills, flying (running) on broomsticks, and shooting practice. The remaining time was spent scrimmaging, getting our first taste of an official quidditch match! Congrats to Hayden for catching the super speedy snitch!

Thank you to our parents for joining us for coffee Friday morning- as well as sticking around for our Socratic discussion regarding youth sports.  It was great to connect with everyone and have you share in our morning launch!

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