Newsletter: Feb 11-15

This week was our last week of the session, and it was a full one! Eagles worked hard to finish strong and get work in, before heading off to a well-deserved break.

We started off Monday with a group launch, and Town Hall meeting. We discussed everything from reinstating a student council that will help lead the school, to getting an Acton keyboard for piano practice sessions. We also discussed badges, and clarified how Eagles wanted to track reading badges throughout the year.

In Biology, Foundation explored heredity this week, learning about eye colors using Punnett squares! Eagles then got to put their Punnett squares to practice, designing their very own bugs out of play dough and colorful candy, and figuring out how their offspring would look! Eagles also explored stimuli and response, experimenting which of our senses reacts quickest.

Eagles finally narrowed down their ideas for the group play in Art this week, and voted on a theme! Everyone did some serious creative brainstorming for our story themes, then finally agreed on one! Next Art class we will get to script writing, and really laying out our narrative.

Launch Padders continued with their deep dive, and we saw some projects get completed!

Navigator explored early humans as they developed from foragers to farmers- and the effect that had on the human population and the natural world. The launch padders also studied early human farming as well as went deeper into their evolution book,  discussing if nature can select and unselect and why that would be. Great socratic discussions as always!

For Writing Workshop, speeches are being finalized!  After break, Eagles will be practicing delivering their speeches and recording their speeches for the Exhibition.  Foundation did more research into their research topics- continuing with note taking and starting to write their first drafts.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day in the studio this week with a waffle breakfast! Eagles got to choose their toppings, and enjoy waffles and heart shaped bagels while watching the rain storm outside! We also had a Valentine’s exchange, where Eagles who brought treats and notes to share were able to pass them out and share the love!

PE was rained out, but that’s ok, the Eagles got to play Quidditch every day at free time this week!  We will continue with it ito next session!

We wrapped up our week with a group reflection in each studio over how the session went. Eagles shared highlights from History, Bio, Art, and more! Everyone also shared their challenges and successes for the week, and what we’re looking forward to over break!

This week was a great close to an amazing session, and we are all looking forward to what is to come next session! We’ve got our Biology exposition coming up, along with an intro into our Gaming Quest, and children’s books for Writing Workshop!

We wish all of our Eagles an adventurous and rejuvenating break!

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