Newsletter: March 11th-15th

This was a big week for our Eagles, with the final countdown before our Exhibition of Learning on Thursday, projects, papers, and speeches being finalized, then finishing the week off with Pi Day and early St. Patty’s Day celebrations!

We got right to work in Biology, designing posters and finalizing experiments. Foundation was busy decorating their Seven Signs of Life posters, along with whatever they chose to exhibit at their station. Navigator and LP designed their posters as well and finished some experiments on their peers.

Eagles buckled down on Writing Workshop as well, getting everything ready for the Exhibition! Foundation finished the last of their writing and peer edits, and a few made it to the guide edits to add finishing touches to their papers, before printing them out to have on their desk to share at the Exhibition of Learning. Navigator and LaunchPad wrapped up their speeches, and finalized their recordings to have ready for Thursday as well.

For Art, our older Eagles continued working on their social commentary and deep dive pieces, and we saw some amazing progress! Everything from water color mastery to sewing clothes out of plastic IKEA bags! It was a big week for Foundation, as everyone was assigned their production roles and given their teams. Eagles then got to work, with our writers beginning the script, directors of music brainstorming songs, and set design/props team beginning research and playing a props game!

In History this week, Foundation explored hieroglyphs and early forms of communication. Eagles discussed which they thought was more important to begin a civilization, tools or writing, with a great Socratic discussion debating the two. They finished the day decoding some hidden messages together!

Thank you to all the parents for joining in our second parent meeting of the year!  We really appreciate all your insight and willingness to share what has worked and not worked in your own home.  We love having the opportunity to come together and connect as a community.

Thursday was our big day, where Eagles showed off all their hard work in Biology, Writing Workshop, and more, at our Exhibition of Learning! We were insanely impressed by everyone’s motivation and intention, throughout the week, as well as commitment to making this exhibition their best. Students got to show off their beautiful posters, thorough research papers, unique experiments, and more to parents and friends! We had a lot of fun connecting with families and enjoying the potluck too! Thanks to everyone who contributed and was able to join us on this big day for our Eagles!

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