Newsletter: March 4th-8th

We started off this week with our weekly launch, and our character trait of the week, which was courage! Eagles joined in a Socratic discussion regarding what courage means, and what it could look like in the studio. Everything from being courageous in the Exhibition of Learning coming up, to being courageous in speaking up in the studios to keep peers accountable. Great discussion and a solid start to the week!

Dani and Jack had the opportunity to spend a few days in Austin at the beginning of this week, meeting new owners, participating in lots of brainstorming and Socratic discussions, and reflecting on how the Acton Network is growing.  It was extremely inspiring to be around so people many who believe there is a different way to learn and that young people are so capable. This conference gave us so much hope for the future of education around the world!

The LaunchPadders spent this week looking at early civilizations and determining if it was heroes (people) or geography/biology that caused the rise and fall of civilizations. We also explored whether horses, steel, or germs had the biggest effect on the early civilizations in the Americas.

LaunchPad and Navigator finished up their Nobel Prize Speeches this week for Writing Workshop. They can’t wait to share them with you at the Exhibition on the 14th!  Our Foundation students finished up the research portion of their research writing workshop. Next week they will finish up their writing, get peer edits, and have a draft for you to see at the Exhibition!

All of our Eagles had the opportunity to participate in our big Biology adventure of the week: frog dissection! Though there were nerves and concerns for some in the beginning, we were so proud of how everyone lept right in and let their curiosity conquer their fears. It was amazing watching everyone be so courageous in their learning! Be sure to ask your Eagle what their favorite memory from the dissection! Was it the eggs found in the belly? Opening up the skull to see the brain? Or maybe the beetles and flies found in the stomach! Some really amazing stuff.

This week in Art, Eagles wrote out a complete outline of the dramatic arc of their narrative! There were many ideas shared, and a lot of group dialogue and discussion to decide on the main events of their play, as well as agree, but the outline was finished by the end of the day! Next week Eagles will break into their production teams to get to work writing dialogue, music, planning set design, and more!

Eagles continued playing Quidditch this week, coached by Alex and Leticia. They were led through a series of passing drills, then got to scrimmaging! Both teams each won a game, keeping the competition head to head all morning. And a big congrats to Emmett and Hayden for winning Good Sport of the day!

Some last highlights of the week to note: birthday celebrations for Niesja and Ethan, casino day for Fun Friday Eagles, and Sara winning our Courage Hero this week!

More to come next week as we come down to the wire preparing for the Exhibition of Learning on the 14th.

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