Newsletter! Oct 22 – 26

        Hey Eagle Families!  We had a very fun and productive second week to our session with the Eagles making some big steps on their Entrepreneurship Quest, learning jump rope, and having some fun and curious discussions!

      We started our week meeting with our running partners and making sure running partners knew what they needed from each other throughout the week.  Partners discussed what their main focus would be for the week and how they could help each other as they set their goals.

     This week in Entrepreneurship, the Eagles continued on their quest with research into their product market! The Foundation heroes interviewed fellow Eagles to learn more perspective into their strengths.  They also got feedback on their business ideas from their peers, learning about customer interests, pricing, and competition! The Navigators and Launch Padders spent their week learning some basics of business as they set up their virtual lemonade stands.  They played with changing their recipes, changing locations, and changing their prices to attract more customers and increase sales. They will apply what they learned this past week to their own business ideas next week.

        For Art, the Eagles were working to finish up their self portraits and the results have been incredible! It is especially wonderful to see what symbols the Eagles have included represent themselves in their portraits.  Ask your Eagles what symbols they used for their portraits! 

     History this week was filled with curious and lively discussions about the universe and humans’ place and relationship among the stars.  The Navigators and Launch Padders considered and talked about the idea that “we are all stardust” and got to talk about when we became ‘humans’.  There was also an energetic discussion about if the universe could be a cosmic simulation! Foundation learned about some the craziest and weirdest parts of our Universe.  Did you know that there is a dust cloud in space that tastes like raspberries?! They also had a very exciting discussion about if there could be another universe, what is inside a black hole, are we alone in the universe, and what they would want to communicate to aliens, if we could meet them!  It was incredible to hear the Eagles many curious and wonderful thoughts about the Universe and our relationship to it, as humans.

      As part of our Body Movements session of PE, we got to get hopping and learn some new Jump Rope skills! For some first time learners we went through the basics and got all of our Eagles jumping! The more experienced jumpers were challenged with some fun new jump rope moves, buddy jumping, and also double dutch! It was really inspiring and warming to see how supportive and encouraging all the Eagles were to each other! Especially for the first time learners, the perseverance and positive attitude while learning the new skill was very impressive!

     This week in Poetry, the Foundation students finished up Haikus!  After learning all about the syllable count and the traditions of Haikus, they wrote their own- and even played a game guessing what each other’s Haikus were about.  There are some definite poets in our midst!   Navigator and Launch Pad continued to explore various types of poetry; determining which types are their favorite.  They are studying the great poets as well as finishing up their own poems. We can’t wait to see everything they have written as we head into the editing part of the workshop next week.

     In our weekly discussion of current events, we discussed the initiative to lower the voting age to 16.  With some of our Eagles coming close to this age, we had many passionate sentiments as to why the voting age should be lowered to 16, from the current 18.  We also went over if this should be done by each state or at the federal level; and how that affects those living in Washington DC. Many of the Eagles were very adamant and eager about having the right and choice to vote at the age of 16.  

    For the new Eagles to the community this year, we got through our testing! All the Eagles were very supportive and helpful in providing a comfortable testing environment for those taking the tests.  We will be providing the test scores to parents later this week. Lots more info to come!

    We ended the week with some more Team Building games that included playing Fish Bowl (kind of like charades)! We shared many laughs and saw a lot of clever solutions to getting their teammates to say the words.  These Eagles continue to impress us in how easily and ardently they encourage and support each other throughout the week.


Many fun and spooky things in the ‘halloweek’ to come! Enjoy the pics from this week!


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