Newsletter: Oct 29 – Nov 2

Hello Eagle Families!

        It was spooktacular Hallo-week here at Acton filled with incredible costumes,  major progress in our E-Ship Quest, and Landen’s Birthday celebration!! Whoop whoop! Happy Brithday again Landen!!

    I thought I would start the post with sharing this wonderfully silly limerick written together by the all of the Foundation Heroes!

There was an old woman named Dave

She really wanted to shave

So she went to the barber

That was in the harber

Instead she got hit by a wave

       Wednesday’s Halloween Party was EPIC!  From bobbing for donuts and Musical Olives to Mummy Wrapping and Candy Corn Bingo, we had a great time celebrating the holiday!  We also had a Halloween chalk art gala which showed off our Eagles artistic skills and wonderfully wacky imaginations! This had to be our best year of costumes yet!  We loved seeing so much enthusiasm and creativity! It was too much fun to watch a clown, raptor and elf all study Geography together! haha

      In continuing with our Body Awareness and Movement theme for PE this session, the Eagles learned all about Kick Boxing this week.  Kick boxing involves a few very controlled movements isolating various parts of our bodies. Everyone participated in putting combos together that would get our heart rates jumping and get us working hard!  We ended the class by pulling out the jump ropes- and the Eagles increased their jump roping skills even more! We have some double dutchers!!!

     This week in Art we launched our Poem Art project! The Eagles selected one of their favorite poems they have written over the past weeks and will be creating an art piece out of it! The heroes will be making these art pieces over the next 2 weeks, so ask your Eagle what poem they have selected for their piece!

     In Navigator and Launch Pad, the Eagles continued to explore the early moments of our Universe and the formation of the sun and Earth.  We discussed in even more detail the co-existence of origin stories, religions, and science. Finally, we debated on whether we would want to be a part of the Mars One mission- and what that would mean for Earth and us personally.  The Foundation Eagles are learning about the chaotic beginnings of our home planet, Earth, and the explosive story of our moon forming. We also had curious discussions about what it would be like to walk around the early Earth, the possibility of life on other planets, and the relationship between humans and star dust!

     In all 3 studios we continued developing our products, getting feedback from our peers, and discovering who we are an as entrepreneur and what we are comfortable with.  We also started our Unit Economics section of the quest. In order for the Eagles to set their prices and hopefully make a profit, they are exploring things like fixed costs, sunk costs, and how they will pay off these costs.  We have also seen some really exciting progress in designing logos and booth set-up! Some of our Eagles also got their applications in for a booth at the biz fair!

     Our Foundation students moved on to Color Poems this week!  They used their 5 senses to describe a particular color in various ways trying to communicate to the reader how that color can be “sensed”.  Ask what color your Eagle picked to describe! They also learned about limericks and got to make their own wacky and silly poems! (attached at bottom is the group poem they made)  Our Navigator and Launch Pad Eagles finished up their deep dive into poetry genres of their choice. We will begin the editing process next week allowing the Eagles to pick their favorite poems for inclusion in our Poetry Book!

It was a wonderful week, we all really enjoyed seeing the goofy and spooky side of the Eagles with the holiday! It is even more exciting and beautiful to see how the community continues to bond and support each other!  More excitement and curious ideas to come next week, wishing all of you a lovely weekend!



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