Week 13 Newsletter: December 11-15

The Weekly Newsletter

Week 13: December 11- 15

Welcome back! We had such a great last week of the session. We celebrated the holidays with a book exchange, a celebration of holiday traditions around the world, and the exhibition of learning. Here’s a look in to our week!:

For the first part of the week, the Eagles put a ton of effort into getting ready for the exhibition of learning. This included portfolio building, finishing up their SOLEs, and brainstorming everything they are most proud of and want to show the world.

Thank you all for coming and celebrating the amazing work your children do! It was great to see you all and to see the kids own their space and have the ability to give a tour of their lives and everything they do here.

For conditioning this week we ran the mile! We will definitely start making this a weekly practice when we come back from our holiday break. The accomplishment of running a mile has so many benefits and the Eagles will be able to watch themselves get stronger each week. We also incorporate drills from our PE sports so the kids can gain skills in these sports each week.

The foundation and navigator transition studios have been putting so much hard work and creativity into their short stories! For writing workshop this week we revisited the building blocks of a strong plot and the importance of using mood in your writing to make it spicy and gripping. Then it was off to writing!

And the navigator and launchpad studios worked on their final edits for their Hero Stories, then finally their final drafts!

We learned all about ancient Egyptians, pharaohs, and mummies this week  in history with foundation and navigator transition! It was a blast. As we progress in the history of the world during ancient times, we are seeing how civilizations are advancing and how amazing the Old Kingdom of Egypt was. The Eagles learned about the importance of the afterlife to the Egyptians and why mummy making was such a sacred process. They also learned about the first forms of writing- hieroglyphics and cuneiform- and even got to practice writing it themselves!

The holiday book exchange might have been my favorite thing that’s happened all year 🙂 The joy and excitement each of the kids showed when they received their gifts from their holiday buddies was so sweet and amazing to watch. Everyone seems so happy with their books and some can’t even put their’s down!

On Thursday we explored different holiday traditions around the world, as we browsed through different countries and their unique traditions for Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, etc. It was a great opportunity to learn new things about different cultures, especially during the festive months of the year!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday break filled with fun, relaxation, belly laughs, and lots of celebration. We will see you next year!

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