Weekly Newsletter: April 1st- 5th

This week was our last week for script writing in Art class, and the team did awesome pulling together and getting to writing! Props team worked on painting our set, with some background scenery, and the music team continued writing the lyrics for our musical! Our older Eagles have been diligently working toward our next exhibition, and have some big surprise projects to reveal at the exhibition for their social commentary pieces!

For history, Foundation Eagles explored why we play games, the history of games, and what were some of the first games. While learning about the ancient world of games, we learned that some estimates say we started playing games 5500 years ago! Among the oldest known games is the 4,000 year old Chinese game called ‘Go’ that is still played today!

Navigator and Launchpad Eagles learned about the industrial and modern revolutions and considered whether automation is uniquely human. They joined in on their history discussion at the end of the week at the beach!

In Biology, For this last week of Bio, the LaunchPad learned about West vs East medicine, along with diagnosing different patients. The studio all worked together to figure out the different problems with each patient’s health and how to solve it.

This week for Writing Workshop, Foundation explored fake news, and got to write their own fake news articles! Eagles picked a topic out of a hat, then separatley picked whether they’d be writing a true story or a fake one. The object of the article will be to trick their peers when we read through them together. Lots of research and writing!

Navigators and Launchpad Eagles partnered up to use their investigative reporting skills!  One partner was the as wellalong with the name of interviewer and the other was the inter. THey then came SOme incredible investigative journalists at work this week!

viewee.  The interviewee came up with a funny story while the interviewer asked a series of questions to try to get the full story.  They will compare stories right after break to determine if they were asking the right kinds of questions.

For our Gaming Quest, Eagles got to explore MAsk your Eagle what level they’re at, and what games they’ve gotten to play so far.

This week, the Eagles starting working on their online game design challenges.  They are using Gamestar Mechanic to learn about game design, complete challenges that will give them tools to build with, and finally create and publish their games.

This week the foundation studio got to head out on a field trip to see a local production of James and the Giant Peach! It was the perfect way to engage with the community and witch some dramatic arts in action, as we prepare for our own play coming soon! This story will also be our next book for the Read Aloud! Eagles will get the chance to experience the story in a variety of forms, then decide which form of storytelling they liked best and why!  

We closed out the week, along with the session, with a day at the beach! Eagles came prepared for our weekly Newsela discussion, history discussion, and geography fun facts discussion. We also did a beach clean up, and still made time for sand castles and beach volleyball!

We hope you all have a great break and quality time together, before we jump into the next session and the next exhibition of learning coming right around the corner!

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