Weekly Newsletter: April 15th-18th

We launched this week welcoming Eagles back from break and into the next session! We shared stories of adventures over break, everything from trips to New Hampshire, Arizona, and Georgia, to movies and play dates!

We also joined in a discussion about our character trait of the week, rigor, and what that means here at Acton.

For History, Foundation went on a journey through time exploring the history of video games, and visited some of the first ever video games! They then got a chance to play some of these games themselves on their computers. Have your Eagle show you all about Atari Breakout, Pong, Space Invaders, and Spacewar!

This week for Navigator and Launchpad in History, they discussed if humans are inherently evil. They also discussed if war and violence are a part of being human. SOme great ideas and opinions were shared during our socratic discussion.

In Art, Eagles started rehearsals for their play! We did a read through of the script for the first time on stage, and Eagles practiced speaking loudly and clearly while running through their lines!

Foundation shared their fake news articles this week in Writing Workshop, to see if they could catch what articles were real and which ones weren’t. Only one article passed! We then launched the final project for our Journalism Quest: the Acton newspaper! Everyone got to brainstorming and will be finalizing their topics, getting sign off from peers, and submitting articles in the coming weeks!

This session we began a new season for sports in PE, where we will be trying out a new sport each week! This time was basketball, and we had an Acton Alumni come in and coach, earning himself some community service hours. We did dribbling, drills, shooting, and some scrimmaging!

For Gaming Quest, students got to play some fun board games, critiquing their flaws and perfections. They also got started with their next project, being able to make their own board game! Everyone began by choosing the storyline theme for their game, then deciding on rules. We’re all excited to see how these games develop over the coming weeks!

We closed out the week with a mini egg hunt in the studios this week, in celebration of the Easter weekend coming up! While everyone was outside doing PE, eggs were hidden, and everyone got to hunting when they came upstairs. We also got to much on some matzah! Ask your Eagle what was in the golden egg, and who found it!

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