Weekly Newsletter: July 8th-12th

This week was our last of the session, and for the 2018-2019 school year! We finished strong with Gardening Week, led by our LaunchPadder Landen. From gardening in our own backyard, to community gardens, the week was full of exploring and learning, cultivating and growing.

Landen launched the week with a discussion on the value of gardening. Eagles also learned about pollinators, and the importance of bees! We then made our way to the church garden on the property, that we’ve been given permission to cultivate and work on, and make our own!

Eagles spent time throughout the week working in the garden, pulling weeds, tilling the soil, and harvesting from the plants that were already growing and needed some love! Be sure to ask your Eagle what vegetables they discovered! We found potatoes, radishes, beets, kale, and more!

Landen also led everyone through a group tasting of different fruits and vegetables, and a history lesson on how our produce has changed over hundreds of years of GMOs and selective breeding, and how this affects our environment. 

Other activities throughout the week included an art project printing leaves with paint, pressing flowers, and potting our own aloveras to take home! A highlight for everyone was getting to go on a walk to the Venice COmmunity Gardens, get a tour of their garden and a lesson on propagating, as well as learning about their pollinators, and releasing some butterflies they raised! 

Landen led the week with such enthusiasm, getting to share his passion for sustainability and gardening with Eagles and guides, and we are all so grateful, and did so much growing of our own.

Some other highlights from the week include “Dress Like a Guide/Eagle Day”, crazy hair day, and pajama day! We also shared in a pizza party, a final badge ceremony, birthday celebrations for Bella and Reese, and family beach day! 

Have a great summer break!

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