Weekly Newsletter: July 1st-3rd

This week was a short one, but full of productivity, intention, and curiosity as Eagles pressed on toward earning some final badges for the year, along with the adventures of this week’s theme: Mystery Week! Kathleen, one of our LaunchPadders, led our studios with such thoughtfulness and excitement, we are all so impressed and everyone enjoyed it so much!

Our week began with a real life mystery. Some funny business went down in the LaunchPad studio, and all of Kathleen’s belongings were knocked over, messed up, and a photograph was stolen! The mysterious culprit left a note, and it was up to the Eagles to spend the next couple of days using their detective skills to solve the mystery. 

They learned how to take fingerprints, interviewed suspects, discussed motives, learned handwriting analysis, and more! The studios came together with their discoveries, to piece together the clues and solve the mystery. Be sure to ask your Eagle who was the guilty culprit!

Kathleen also led Eagles through some two-minute mysteries to discuss and solve, as well as some of the world’s most famous unsolved mysteries. We closed out Mystery Week with a classic game of Clue! 

Other highlights in the studios were multiple book reviews that got finished, great strides in Independent Learner Binders, and percentage leaps in Khan! Our Curiosity heroes for the week were Phoenix and Wyeth for all the progress they made toward their goals, and the intense curiosity they displayed while solving the mysteries of the week, way to go guys!

Have a great 4th of July weekend, we’ll see everyone on Monday for our last week of the year, Gardening Week!

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