Weekly Newsletter: May 20th-24th

Eagles had a busy week in the studios, working hard to finish our last session strong before heading into the summer session! We wrapped up History this week for all of our studios, Navigators and LaunchPad completed their apprenticeship quest, and everyone made great progress on core skills!

In history, Foundation studied Herodotus, the father of history! Eagles then were given a history challenge of their own, to document all that we’ve covered this year, and give their own account in writing, of highlights and the thing that stood out to them! They shared their findings, declaring “here displays his inquiries” to the group, while enjoying a celebratory glass of grape juice!

LaunchPad and Navigator closed out history as well, and all had a big discussion on “What does it mean to be human?” and “What made us human?” They all shared amazing ideas and points. This is the last history discussion for the 2018-2019 school year and everyone shared amazing points!

Eagles made great progress writing children’s books this week, we’re so excited to see them coming together! Everyone has also been working hard illustrating their books, and will be finishing them up and have them ready to print when we’re back from break!

LaunchPad got another 80 pages to read in The Elegance Of The Hedgehog along with questions to answer from last week’s reading.  The plot is starting to move forward as the end of the book is near, which is what was mainly discussed. They talked about each character and their roles/how they’ve changed.  They’re super excited for the end of the book as no one really knows how it’ll end!

For the Apprenticeship Quest, Launch Pad sent out emails to potential apprenticeship opportunities. They also finished up their boards that they created during the beginning of the quest, this week!

This week for PE Eagles all prepared for their Dodgeball battle with the parents! They all trained hard with learning how to aim, dodge and catch the balls! They had a standoff with Thunderdom to test their abilities! Then they ended it with a real game of dodgeball!

It was such a great time at the Shell Shop!  Our main theme was the Summer Session. We had really awesome Toys, Candy, Kites, And Boogie Boards! It went very well and people loved it.

The most recent Student Council meeting when very well. We talked about stuff we need in the Shell Shop to make it more popular. The main theme for the Shell Shop was Summer Session, so we had boogie boards, water guns, and stuff along those lines.

We finished out an amazing session with awarding badges, then heading outside for an intense game of parent vs. Eagle dodgeball! THank you to all who participated and brought some mean competition!

Have a great break, we’ll see everyone in a week, for the start of our summer session!

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