Weekly Newsletter: May 6th-10th

This was a great week for our Eagles, with lots to share! Big thanks to some of our LaunchPad, Navigator, and Foundation Eagles who have volunteered to contribute to writing these weekly newsletters, you’ll be reading most of their work here!

For Art, this week eagles in Foundation and Navigator started learning about the different styles of illustrations in Children’s Books. They learned about a technique that Eric Carle uses to make his illustrations. They painted on paper and played with different methods and various tools to create different patterns, similar to the technique Carle uses for his books!

Our LaunchPadders started a new writing workshop this week… they are reading and analyzing the book The Elegance of the Hedgehog.  We read the first 80 pages and had a great discussion about our favorite characters, why the author made the choice to write the book in two separate voices, and if stereotypes are more rampant in society or in our own minds.  We can’t wait to get halfway through the book next week, hopefully some big questions will be answered!

This week for History, LaunchPad and Navigator started wrapping up the Big History they have learned over the past year. They discussed the Anthropocene Age and how it has created the modern age we live in today. Along with this, they examined if humans have overall made a progressive or destructive impact on the earth.

Foundation Eagles continued with their dive into Ancient China, and pictograms. Eagles played a game of telephone pictionary, drawing images and guessing their interpretations, and things got whacky! Ask your Eagle how their pictogram progressed.

Great news! The LaunchPad has taken over the yearbook!  This week they researched, generated new ideas, and started planning the layout.  They also planned out the much- anticipated front cover! The building of the yearbook begins next week!

Overall, a great week in the studios with a ton of diligence and hard work! We were so proud of the intention used all week to get work done, and that almost every Eagle got their basic requirements in for the week, that we surprised Eagles with Fun Friday at our local ice cream shop! A fun end to an amazing week.

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