Weekly Newsletter: April 29th-May 3rd

This was a big week for our Eagles, as they put finishing touches on all of their big projects to share at the Exhibition of Learning on Thursday!

In Art, Foundation and Navigator did a dress rehearsal for the play, and plenty of run-throughs of the song and their lines. They even spent free time rehearsing and singing together! Our older Eagles finalized their art pieces and decided on displays for the big day.

We also launched our character trait of the week, grit! We discussed as a group what it means to have grit, and how that applies to the Eagles’ work here, especially in preparing for the Exhibition.

This was our last week of Gaming Quest, and Eagles wrapped up their games and fine tuned instructions, to be sure everyone could understand how to play their games. They also published their online games through GameStar Mechanic!

For Writing Workshop, all of our Eagles were busy at work wrapping up their articles and making edits for the Eagles Post, our first Acton newspaper! Be sure to take look at the articles, passed out to each Eagle at Thursday’s event.

In History, Navigator and LP discussed human rights, and why we’re given them at birth. Are they different from animal rights? They also discussed revolutions, and as a new nation, how Eagles would move forward. Along with this, there was an engaging conversation over socialism vs. capitalism.

Foundation Eagles gathered together for a story about Gilgamesh, one of the world’s first fairytales! After listening to the story, they wrote one of their own! However, they were only given five minutes to write their story, before passing to their neighbor, and continue their story, and so on. The fairytales that came out were all about pickles, bread, dragons, and corn flakes! Be sure to ask your Eagle about their tale.

This week in PE, Eagles played soccer! After practicing dribbling, passing, and shooting, everyone broke into teams and got to scrimmage. Some great team work and hustle! Our Good Sports for the week were Wyeth and Ryan, great job!

For Apprenticeship this week, Eagles researched two companies that they would potentially explore for an apprenticeship. They looked into what the company is about, what work they would do there, and what a day in the life of this company would be. Then the Eagles finalized resumes and cover letters!

The big day for our Eagles was Thursday, for our Exhibition of Learning! We launched the evening with the Acton play, called Creatures in Color, then transitioned upstairs for the LaunchPad’s social commentaries, Art deep dives, and online and offline games!

We’re so grateful for everyone who was able to join us in the studios and bask in all the Eagles’ hard work and dedication to these projects. It means so much to them to get to share what they’re learning with all of you!

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