Weekly Newsletter: Nov 5 – 9

      We had a productive and fun week of working on business fair pitches and economics, diving into our poetry, and having some wonderful discussions! Thank you again to all the new parents who came in this week, we really loved getting to talk with you all about your Eagles!

     This week as part of our Body Movement session, we got moving with Hula Hoops! Wednesday all of the Eagles got to decorate their own Hula Hoop showing off some fun designs. During PE, all the Eagles got to practice and improve their hooping skills and learned some new moves.  We had mini challenges and lessons lead by the Eagles that allowed everyone to show off some skills and learn some new ones! We also got to do some fun team building exercises with our hoops. Check out some of the pictures below!

     During Art this week, the Eagles were continuing with turning some of their favorite poems in art pieces! They have been integrating some skills from various artists they have learned earlier in the year and the results have been incredible! We are all really excited to see the final pieces!  The Eagles also made some brilliantly detailed art pieces with words to fill in the shading! 

     In History this week, the Foundation Eagles got to learn about the Early earth, how water came to be here, tectonic plates, and wormholes! Following up learning about the big bang, stars, and blackholes, they expressed enthusiastic curiosity about wormholes.  So the Eagles conducted their own research and learned some basics about the mind bending theory of wormholes. They got act out being a meteorite and crashing down to earth, bringing with drops of water, to understand the volume of collisions that had to occur to get our oceans.  They also got to play around with their own graham cracker tectonic plates to understand how the land has shifted and formed over time. The Navigator and Launch Pad Eagles got research and learn about the vast and beautiful spectrum of stars, and their lifecycle and characteristics.  We had some wonderful and curious discussions about the secrets of blackholes, a universe made of bananas, and how technology has rewritten our understanding of the deep past.

     All the Eagles have been making exciting strides in their E-Ship businesses! This past week the Eagles learned about the economic side of owning a business and got to crunch their own numbers on materials and potential price points.  The Eagles also worked on their 30-second pitches, trying them out on each other and giving and receiving feedback. We are all getting really excited for the Business Fair! It is so inspiring and fun to see the enthusiasm and intention the heroes are dedicating toward the project.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Dec 1st and spread the word to potential customers and sponsors!

     This week in Writers Workshop, all three studios dove into learning the editing process and edited their poems that will be published at the end of this session! The Foundation Eagles learned worked on giving warm and cool feedback on each others’ poems to help each other with the editing process.  We are looking forward to seeing the finished products to put into a Poetry Book!

     Our Current Event discussion this week was on the FDA’s classification of ‘healthy’ foods.  This lead to a very interesting discussion where the Eagles got to share their definitions of ‘healthy’ and the role of the FDA and government in assessing this topic.  They also brought up the importance of labels and what is put on them.

     We finished the week with having our Eagles who joined us this Session sign their contracts! It is crazy to think that some of these Eagles have only just joined the community weeks ago.  All of the Eagles have really gelled and it is heart-warming and inspiring to see how much they support and encourage each other.

     This upcoming week, we will be finishing the session! So we will be intently working on finishing up our Poetry, finalizing plans and pitches for the Business Fair, and preparing for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

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