Newsletter: Feb 25- March 1

Eagles gathered together Monday for our launch into session 5! We began with the launch of this week’s character trait: Accountability! We then joined in a discussion about holding each other accountable and enforcing freedom levels within their studios, to really engage in keeping their peers and themselves accountable. We also introduced a new process for geography, be sure to ask your Eagle about the new requirements and how it will free up their time! Lastly, we took a look at the new badge visuals that will be rolling out soon, so Eagles can track their badge progress on their own charts.

This week in Art, we finally got to script writing! As a group, we discussed all the details and formatting that goes into writing a script. Everyone joined in groups to add their own spin on a script they were given, finishing the scene in their own creative ways! Eagles of course had to perform a reading of their scripts to the studio when they were finished! We ended the day with a group vote on how to move forward with writing our own script. Eagles decided to create a writing team that will work together to compose dialogue and our complete script for the play!

In History, Foundation learned about early civilizations, specifically Egypt, as well as explored some Egyptian mythology, and made their own personalized pharaoh crowns out of construction paper! The Navigator and LaunchPad studios took a closer to look into how civilizations formed, what where some of the most important aspects of building civilizations, and if written record is  unique to humans, and how that helped shape our species.

Foundation pressed on in writing workshop, continuing development for their research papers, building their content through note taking. We even have one Eagle who’s on to the writing stage of her project. It’s really crunch time, and we’ve seen some really detailed digging and deep diving into these topics!  Navigator and LaunchPad Eagles took their finalized written speeches and started working on the “delivery”. Self and peer evaluations rounded out the week, we are almost done!

Eagles joined back together for Quidditch this week for PE, coached by Alex and Leticia! We saw some amazing teamwork and self motivation while competing, as well as during drills. Our coaches really stepped it up in leading the teams and being enthusiastic encouragers. Big shouts out to Sara and Kate for both being voted by their peers as good sports for the week, way to go Cook sisters!

For Biology, Foundation explored the last of the 7 signs of life: Mitosis! Eagles constructed clay figures displaying the stages of mitosis, then acted out the process! Everyone was also assigned their sign of life for their big projects they’ll display at the Exhibition of Learning coming up!

Navigator and LP learned about the brain! They received a letter from their brain explaining its functions and how it works, and all the things they’re capable of! Eagles then got to write their own letters back, in response to their brain. Ask your Eagle for a look at their letter!

We finished our week with a guest speaker in our studios! We had the opportunity for Vineet Nair, from Infinity School, the Acton in London Ontario, to visit our school and share his hero’s journey. He shared the path that led him to becoming a family doctor, writing a book, and opening an Acton! He shared his hardships along the way, and the things he’s learned and is still learning. Eagles then did a Q&A with Vin, sharing all of their curiosities about his hero’s journey, and how it may relate to theirs. We were so grateful for his visit, and the sharing of ideas! A great way to wrap up week 1 of the new session!

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