Weekly Newsletter: April 22nd-26th

We had a busy week in the studios, with plenty to share as we moved forward in History, Art, Writing Workshop, and more! Big thanks to Phoenix, Kate, Leticia, and Kathleen for helping write this week’s newsletter. Keep your eyes out for more newsletter writing from our Eagles as they’ve recently shown mastery in journalism through our most recent Writing Workshop!

We launched this week with a Socratic discussion on our character trait of the week: Innovation! Eagles dialogued about what it means to be innovative in life and in school, and how they can apply this to their work in preparation for next week’s exhibition! Try a Socratic discussion with your Eagle on what it might look like to bring innovation home! We also talked about Earth Day, and some fun environmentalism facts, then celebrated with an Earth Day chalk art project outside!

This week in PE the Eagles played Basketball! It was very eventful! The Eagles did a few exercises such as dribbling the ball through cones while running. They also played a scrimmage! The winning basket was made by Kathleen, as they went up against the guides and won!

In Writing Workshop, all of the Eagles got to grinding on their articles for the Acton School Newspaper, which will be in print just in time for our exhibition next week! Articles were pitched and approved by peers, then our young journalists got to work writing. There were lots of interviews conducted in the studios, along with research put into writing these articles. We’re excited for everyone to read the paper on all of these amazing topics chosen, about our school and community!

This week for Foundation in History, Eagles each made amazing towns/cities with beautiful names, laws, and flags in ancient Mesopotamia. They each had different areas with different resources, and were challenged to create their rules, inspired by Hammurabi’s code. Some of the eagles made clans too!

In History for Navigator and Launchpad, Eagles discussed how Nationalism affects the world we live in today. They also discussed if Nationalism always harms humans, or could be productive in some cases. Some great ideas and opinions were shared during our Socratic discussion.

This week in Gaming Quest, Eagles play tested the games they’ve created, filling out forms on each other’s games for feedback and encouragement. They’ll be using this feedback to finetune their games before next week’s exhibition, where you all will get to play their final games! They also continued working on their online games through Gamestar Mechanic.

LaunchPadders and eighth graders continued working on their apprenticeship quest. They narrowed down their list of possible apprenticeships, researched companies, and wrote the first drafts of their resumes. They also discussed how much of a risk factor a job could have for them to take it.

Also a big thank you to Hayden, Reese, and Bella for joining our student panel at the recent Acton Open House this week.

Please remember our big Exhibition of Learning is next week, Thursday May 2nd at 5 pm! Eagles will be sharing their Games, the Acton Newspaper, deep dive art projects, and their dramatic art pieces, including their musical!
We look forward to seeing you there.

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