Weekly Newsletter: June 10th-14th

This week we blasted into our first theme for summer session voted by the Eagles, Space Week! We launched with a clip from the 1980’s classic, Space Camp,  and discussed how everyone would navigate their predicament, a group of kids unintentionally launched into space! We then learned about the spaceship here in our very own city, the Endeavor!

Eagles broke into groups each day, and visited stations exploring how astronauts eat in space, what to pack for space travel, and got to experience life on Mars through VR! Ask your Eagle what they favorite freeze dried treat was!

Day two we watched a video about the International Space Station, then discussed whether or not we’d choose to vacation in space (assuming we all had an extra 50 million dollars lying around). Eagles then explored moon phases, creating their own with Oreos, designed their own constellations that tell our story as humanity today, then each made a personally designed stomp rocket to launch at the end of the day! Congrats to Claire for the biggest blast of the day!

Other stellar space activities throughout the week included an art project on the solar system, designing their own aliens equipt to live on each planet, a sky scavenger hunt, telescope training, and Space Jeopardy!

We closed out Space Week with a mini exhibition for any parents who wanted to pop into the studios and explore, as well as watch the final rocket launch. Thanks to all who were able to join!

Another big highlight from this week was our year-end Acton Olympics competition! Eagles competed in all the same events as the beginning of the year, with the goal of self-improvement! Niesja and Derek Sharpe led our Eagles with such enthusiasm and positivity! After the events, we celebrated in the studios with bagels and orange juice, and medals for all.

It wouldn’t be summer session without beach day on Friday, full of volleyball, lacrosse, and giant hole digging! Some brave Eagles even got some time in the chilly waters, and we were all grateful for the sun to come out before the end of the day.

We’re looking forward to next week, where Navigator Eagle Kate will be leading us through Greek Week!

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